Train Your Dog to be Well-Mannered

Dogs are pack animals and every pack has a leader, 1TopDog. The leader takes that position based on strength, wisdom, and determination. This is nature's way of ensuring survival of the pack. Nearly every dog can become leader if no human leader steps forth. This is the source of most problems such as barking, scent marking, using the house as a toilet, stolen food, belongings chewed, ignoring human cues, pulling on a leash, digging, aggression, etc.  Uncontrollable behavior in pure breeds as well as mixed breeds is the most common cause of being turned over to Animal Control for euthanasia or abandoned along a road. A dog needs guidance from a human leader to learn to adjust and fit into a human society. You need to be the dog's responsible leader. Midland dog training. A midland dog training. The midland dog training. A midland puppy training. The midland puppy training. Of midland puppy training. A midland dog training. The midland dog training. A midland puppy training. A midland puppy training. A midland puppy training. The midland dog training. A midland puppy training.  A midland dog training. The midland puppy training.

If you need help with your puppy or dog and are in the Michigan area around Midland, call (989) 631-4367 and ask for Keith or leave your contact information on the answering machine or send an email to with your information. A midland dog training,  The midland dog training,  Of midland dog training, A midland dog training, The midland puppy training, The midland puppy training
Keith Michael has trained dogs for more than 15 years in obedience and tracking. He is a Certified Dog Trainer with Honors, ABCDT, member of the Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers, APDT,  Trainer/Evaluator for their CLASS Program,  a Trainer/Evaluator for the Am. Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Program and Puppy STAR Program. He uses the latest positive methods and does in-home training for rapid results. His new training facility opened October 2011 and is humidity and temperature controled with rubber mats.